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Click to see Brady Johnson tell his story about growing up in the segregated South and marching with Dr. King on Bloody Sunday

Professor Norman Smith Discusses his Outlook and Strategies for Success - Professor Norman Smith is the inventor of the chemical formula for Mr. Clean, a Patent Attorney, and is a Professor at Eckerd College. He discusses strategies for success in academics and personal life.  



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    This website is designed as a resource for those studying American History on the High School and College level. There are several pages and links. We have an entire course in US History, Summaries of Presidential administrations, Time Line Reviews, and Podcasts on ITunes. Lessons and curriculum align with the updated A.P. U.S. History guidelines from the College Board.  


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Buschistory In Rotterdam, Holland July 2013


Jack proudly wears his Buschistory shirt as he joins the Pink and Green June 2013




Buschistory visits the United Nations in Geneva July 2016